Leaving Intel

Yesterday was my last working day at Intel, I am moving on.

It all started with Moblin,  a great project with big aspirations, radical vision and huge potential to redefine the computing experience for the current decade. Though our aspirations were not to come to fruition, I take great pride in being part of that seminal effort, and, by extension, I take pride in the technologies our work inspired (notably the Gnome Shell). When Intel abandoned Moblin for MeeGo, it was only a question of time when Me Go too, for from the very start MeeGo failed to inspire me, to capture my imagination and to feed my dreams.

What it comes down to: my idealistic A-type soul values adventure over status quo, challenge over safe harbour, freedom over process. As my fellow travellers will know, there comes a point when one can no longer ignore the soul.

What’s next? A good question,  but one I am in no great hurry to answer. More than anything at this point I need time to think free of corporate constraints and the expressive limits of a slide deck presentation, I need a space to start dreaming again of something other than dreaming again.

Adventure is never without a price; mine means leaving behind some truly great folk I have grown to know, trust and respect immensely over the last five and half years. My one consolation is that FOSS being what it is, I am not really going anywhere, and neither are they; it’s just an email address that became defunct.

P.S. I have tried to make sure that the defunct email will not disrupt the world-changing mailing list out there, but if I have forgotten about some low traffic list where nothing ever happens … I guess no real harm done ;-)

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One Response to Leaving Intel

  1. Interesting decision after nearly 3 years of Intel work. I wish You best and hope that we will met face to face at some event in future.