MeeGo’s Dead, Long Live Tizen!

So finally Intel admits what anyone with anything more than superficial knowledge of the platform knew for a long time — MeeGo is dead. I am not surprised at all, I have always expected that MeeGo would not live to see its second birthday, but the waste of human effort is dispiriting.

I am not holding my breath for Tizen either, there is a definitive leitmotif here that yet another change of name cannot but accentuate (HTML5 is all good and well, but there is heck lot more to creating a usable platform for a single device category, never mind multiple categories at once, and MeeGo did not get even near). I suspect the success of Tizen will largely come down to what Intel’s partners can bring to the table, but the very fact none of them want to give it a go alone leaves me feeling skeptical — I would not be at all surprised if we get Episode 4, or, more likely, the final curtain, within 18 months.

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